Well known climate application and information assortment administration Dark Sky has been gained by Apple for an undisclosed entirety, a blog entry from the Dark Sky group declared. The post asserts that Dark Sky will presently “reach unmistakably more individuals, with unquestionably more effect, than we ever could alone.”



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The iOS application won’t perceive any changes “as of now,” and it will keep on being recorded on the App Store. Android and Wear OS are an alternate story, however. The Android application will never again be accessible for download, and “administration to existing clients and supporters will proceed until July 1, 2020, so, all in all, the application will be closed down.” Active endorsers will get a discount.

With respect to the site, which is additionally well known:

Climate gauges, maps, and implants will proceed until July 1, 2020. The site will stay dynamic past that time on the side of API and iOS App clients.

Dark Sky Apple App

“The app is listed in the App Store now as Apple-made.”

Download from here

A great deal is by all accounts not yet decided about where this will go in the long haul, however. Dim Sky is remarkable to some extent for its huge information-driven Dark Sky Forecast API, which gives clients hyper-neighborhood climate information for use in their own applications or administrations. That API will never again acknowledge new information exchanges, however “administration for existing clients can’t today.” The API will work for existing clients through the finish of 2021.


That API and the related information activity might be the fundamental explanation Apple is keen on Dark Sky; the administration is known for giving shrewd warnings and profoundly limited information about precipitation, in addition to other things, in substantially more detail than Apple’s own Weather application.

Source: Arstechnica