Carsten, 89, and Inga, 85, meet daily at the Germany-Denmark border, expressing love here, as well as coffee and lunch.

Germany Old Couple Love in Corona Time

“Germany Old Couple Love in Corona Time”

  • Due to coronavirus, the two countries come to meet at the border after 15 days after the border is closed.
  • Inga arrives by car and Carsten arrives on his electric bicycle, along with a chair and table.

Berlin: Coronaviruses and lockdowns have imprisoned half the world’s population at home. Due to this, people are now able to have a virtual meeting with their loved ones. But amid all this, unique news of love has come from Germany and Denmark border. This is the love story of 89-year-old Carsten Tukhesen and 85-year-old Inga Rasmussen. Carsten lives in Germany and Inga in Denmark.

The Coronaviruses and the two met each other daily at home before lockdown. But now it is not so. So Carsten rode off the bicycle towards the Germany-Denmark border. He is waiting for his 85-year-old girlfriend Inga at the border. There is a lockdown here, but it does not affect ‘love’.

Since the border of Germany and Denmark closed due to Coronavirus, Inga and Carsten meet in the same way every day on the border. Inga makes lunches for both of them daily. With lunch, take coffee and a chair in a thermos and walk towards the border. Inga arrives by car and Carsten comes by his electric bicycle. After this, both of them place their chair at close range from the barrier. Here both have long conversations with food and drink. Both cheers also lift the cup of coffee. Also, express love.

Even before the lockdown when the Germany-Denmark border was not closed, the two elders sometimes came to meet in the Aventoft area. During this time they hugged and kissed each other. But on 14 March, Denmark closed its border with Germany. Two days later, Germany also closed the border. Since then, Inga and Carsten have met at the border. Due to fear of Corona, both the hugs also do not meet now. The two also talk a lot on the phone since the border is closed.

Inga says that “It’s sad, but we can’t change it. It doesn’t seem to know how quickly the meeting with Carsten is over. But when alone, there can’t be a better option.” Inga and Carsten hope the border will open by Easter and they will then be able to hang out with each other.

Love in COVID-19 Time

They met two years ago

Inga and Carsten met two years ago. Actually, Inga’s husband has passed away and Carsten’s wife has also said goodbye to the world. While being alone, the two elders started talking to each other. One day Carsten gave Inga a bouquet of flowers, followed by a series of meetings between the two.

The total message behind this story is to keep loving each other life is too short.


Source: Danik Bhaskar