The COVID-19 pandemic, A.K.A. coronavirus, has disrupted both our personal and business lives in a way that we will never forget. During this time, our team has been monitoring the health and safety of our team members and loved ones. And we wish nothing but the best for all of you and your families.

​We have been keeping a close eye on the economy, our clients, and their businesses. And as seen, this pandemic is wreaking havoc in many industries but also millions of small businesses and local companies. Our team wants to help in any way possible.

We are opening up our schedules up for 30-minute consultations for any business that wants to get feedback on ideas, discuss marketing strategies you’ve had on your to-do list, or vent about the current state of your business.

We are a resource with more than 15 years of knowledge working with businesses, small and large, and in various industries. We want to use this knowledge to discuss your business and help you plan for a positive future after the coronavirus or for your immediate needs.

​Below is a link to our calendar. Find a time that works for you, and we’ll have a 30 min call to discuss your business. ​

For Web, SEO, and Branding – Click here

For Digital Advertising, Branding, and Direct mail – Click here

If you are in an immediate need for marketing services, please use your resources wisely. A few effective options we recommend are:

Direct Mail or EDDM’s

While everyone sits inside at home, the only two touchpoints to the outside world are the internet and the mail. This may be the right time to get your services and/or products to people’s homes. Direct Mail with EDDM will cost you 19 cents per piece to mail and will hit every household on your chosen routes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As you may know, SEO is long term game as compared to Google Ads or social media ads. If the industry is slow, it may be the right time to grow your organic traffic to be ahead of competitors once this crisis diminishes. Click here to schedule a called meeting Click here.

​If you are a local business optimizing your Local Business Listing and Mapping like Google Maps listings can drive significant calls and traffic to your website. This is also an excellent service that will help you with the growing use of Voice Search. Alexa, Siri, and Google all use different sources for their local searches. Let’s be sure to get you set up properly.

Digital Advertising

We are moving into a fully digital way of life where seeing face to face is no longer the primary option. Right now, more than ever, everyone has their eyeballs on their phones, laptops, and smart TVs. Getting your brand awareness through online advertising is more important than ever. Place your message on websites, social feeds, and on top Google searches.

Website Design

With everyone now spending so much time at home, now more than ever, a website is a necessity, and updating your current site is vital. If you have downtime, it may be time to finally start working on a website for your brand or make some necessary updates to your current one.

Once again, our team is here to help and want nothing more but the speedy recovery and continued growth for everyone. Email us when ready.

Good Luck Everyone and Stay Safe.