Today, social media networking sites are experiencing exponential growth, with more than 2.4 billion registered members all over the world, who communicate daily with each other and have opinions about each and every matter. So, it makes sense for every company to partake in Social Media Management.

Why consider SMO or Social Media Management

The social media networking sites like facebook, twitter have become some of the most popular networking sites. So, it has become imperative, that the companies should get a Social Media Consultant for managing their reputation online to remedy the situation when any disgruntled consumer spreads his issue on the social media network. Our experts ensure that all your SMO needs are taken care of without having to worry about anything.

Today, twitter has been acknowledged as one of the fastest growing social networking site all over the world, having more than 288 million active users in one month. This amount is approximate 21% of the global population who has access to the internet. Among this, there are more than 500 million users who have more than 208 followers. This only shows how much of a ready target audience is waiting to be tapped, while you have other important business situations to handle, you can leave the SMO needs to us!

As per various studies, when a customer is happy, he will tell merely 5 people about the positive experience with the company but if he is upset, he will tell 20 of them! Imagine, a customer is upset with your company, and he posts it on Twitter about the experience, his twitter will reach 200 people who are his followers and they will forward it to their followers and so on.

Today, most of the transactions are based upon trust. But if your online reputation is damaged, you will not be able to engage more customers.

The main result will be that you will lose those customers if you do not do anything about it. That is, you need the best Social Media Consulting that is we, to manage your social media profile. We are a company with hand-on experience in Social Media Services. We handle Social Media Consulting for many companies.

We employ many tried and tested Social Media Management techniques to retain your company image online –

  1. We regularly monitor the content online for interacting with your consumers; anticipate their requirements and provide a prompt and satisfactory response to their queries or the complaints. In addition, we take prompt action to lower your negative rankings.
  2. We have content moderators, who regularly monitor your website by editing, accepting, rejecting or deleting the post uploaded by the users keeping in mind your website’s policies and the guidelines.
  3. We take all responsibilities of your social media campaigns starting from setting up the campaign, managing the campaign, and so on.

One of the old saying, that prevention is better than cure is particularly true about the online reputation of any company. With the awesome growth of social networking sites, it has become one of the most popular platforms for communication among the global web community.

So, as a Social Media Agency in Dubai, you should take the advantage of our extensive experience in the field of the Social Media Management to retain and enhance your online reputation and the rapport with your consumers, which can translate into new customers.

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