Billions of dollars lost in the last 3 months in

Data published by data intelligence company PredictHQ show that in February itself there was a 400-500% increase in the cancellation and postponement of important events due to concerns about the coronavirus.

The company said more than 300 high-impact incidents were canceled last month and the number of programs canceled in Feb-March-April is expected to be significantly higher. The total cost of cancellation is estimated at billions of dollars in these 3 months.

As per research the UAE B2B marketers who participate in industry events allocated about 44% percent of their budgets to industry and exhibitions shows, about five times more than the 10% spent on Digital marketing in Dubai, UAE.

Even if only a small part of the events and exhibition budget is transferred to online marketing, it will turn into a massive development in digital marketing in Dubai, UAE.

Recently, our Dubai based digital marketing team met a potential client who expressed great disappointment at the nick of time cancellation of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 in the wake of an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). The world’s largest cellular trade fair would have been the flagship industry program in which his company was planning to participate. The months of preparation and tens of dollars were lost due to the coronavirus panic, which led to the last-minute cancellation. The frustrated marketing manager said his company had already been informed that another big show, in which he planned to shine, was postponed at the moment.

This is the best time for B2B to invest in Digital Marketing

This is the best time to bring the B2B market to the online platform. Our agency’s digital marketing Dubai team is the most in these cases. We invite all B2B and B2C Companies to take our business online in this angular crisis and provide the best service in working time and digital marketing is the best option for now and this is the time when you can become a leader in the market industry. We have prepared the best package that will be liked by all types of low and high budget clients. Let us all join with the fight against this COVID-19 pandemic and save this world together.

Digital marketing to benefit

The biggest product of digital marketing is that the company does not need to get a face from the customer and the company can make money in digital marketing for the example you have one of your shoe store in Dubai and at the moment, your sale has become almost zero just because of Coronavirus(COVID-19) crisis in this time how to pay your store’s rent and employee’s salary this is the thought time for all business owners to make decisions. We have a solution to your problem, we have and we can say with confidence, you have to move your shoe store from the off-line store as an online store that we call e-commerce marketing is the best option in today’s date. Pay makes your own business revenue, so you are a small business mind and a big company that is online and make your brand international with our digital marketing services in Dubai.